Training Edge

Company involved in training strategies, design, delivery, evaluation and management company for health science, real estate, insurance, banks, retail, municipal government and other industry clients.

  • Hands-on coaching and management of a team of 6 Learning and Development Specialists/Instructional Designers responsible for all operational learning initiatives within all Operational Lines.
  • Continuous management and coaching process in between; involving inspiration and leadership, identification and communication of opportunities for continuous improvement, as well evaluation of team performance and strategies to improve on learning gaps. Conducted needs analysis using the ADDIE model.
  • Developed facilitators through pilot programs or train-the-trainer workshops, and by providing coaching / feedback as necessary.
  • Monitored the performance of facilitators to check that training programs are in line with approved training materials and procedures.
  • Built strategic alliances with key stakeholders, both internal and external to identify points of leverage, enable leadership and management performance interventions, new employee onboarding and orientation, sales training, needs assessments and development of learning plans, career development plans and career exit plans.
  • Provided customer-centric solutions to businesses in terms of performance assessments, training recommendations and design, e-learning and distance education, collaboration in training, and measuring training effectiveness.
  • Identified duplication, underutilized and misallocation of resources, and unnecessary delays to minimize cost and maximize revenue while effectively managing staff through organizational change.

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